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Felt Travel Sewing Kitty

Oleh2 googling lagi ini bikin dompet untuk nyimpen alat2 jait,  kenapa aku tulis di sini tujuan nya adalah untuk memudahkan ku jika suatu saat membutuhkan nya lgi (maksud nya jadi ga nyari2 di google lgi xixixixi).

tampak depan

Tampak dalam

Fabric and Other Supplies

The finished opened size is 7" x 4½"

  • Five pieces of 9" x 13" felt in peach, pea green, black, vanilla and turquoise
  • Embroidery floss in several colors. I chose vanilla, pea green, black and peach
  • Embroidery needle
  • Five small two-hole yellow buttons (about 3/8" or 12 cm)
  • Small handful of Polyfil
  • Card stock or old file folder
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears (optional) 
Getting Started
  • Download and print the Sewing Kitty Outside and Sewing Kitty Inside patterns.  
  • Cut out the pieces needed as shown below. You will need to print several copies of each page in order to cut all of the 

  • Cut all of your pieces from the appropriate color of felt using the above images as a guide. I chose to pink the inside vanilla backing pieces, but that's optional.
  • Position your pieces and pin. It's important to place your travel scissors in position rather than go by our pattern because the exact location of the Scissor Pocket and floss tie depend on your specific pair of scissors. The scissors in the sample are typical small embroidery scissors (2¾" wide x 3½" long). 
and then tinggal kita jait deh seperti contoh tampak dalam n luar nya.
semoga bermanfaat

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